5 ways to inject inspiration into your recruitment process. 

  • Organisational Purpose

Inspire by telling and selling the organisation’s journey, vision and ambition; not only to prospective employees but recruiters who represent the organisation in the market place. Its key.

  • Role Purpose

Great hires don’t tend to jump jobs without the finer detail; their career decisions are too     important to risk on a whim.

Think long and hard about the real and specific PURPOSE behind the role that you are recruiting for. Give the scope of the role the time and thought it deserves. Generic job descriptions don’t inspire so what you commit to paper must be specific to the role.

Decide on the key KPIs to be delivered in the first 12 months and that will help to shape your job description.

  • The Work

 Be proud, make time (during interview) and show it.

  • The Team

 Introduce great candidates to at least one of your own “A Team” during the interview           process. Why? Great people want to work with other great and inspirational employees and leaders.

  •  Culture

 Be authentic, honest and open about your existing culture but make sure you are                    aspiring to build a culture that is conducive to great work.


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